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Reality Fairs teach financial lessons to students

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March 31, 2015

The Moran/Nixon Chapter Reality Fair will be held at the Central Connecticut State University, on Monday, March 31, 2015. If you would like to participate, please contact Lisa Calabro at LCalabro@AchieveFinancialCU.com.

Did students learn? Hear are some student comments from these Fairs:

Be careful and smart about what you buy.
Pay double your minimum credit card payment to pay it off early.
I learned how long it takes to pay off your credit card!
Whenever you get extra money put it toward your debt.
Satisfy wants, not needs.
The Fair showed it’s very difficult to handle money.
I learned how much credit scores affect the amount of interest you end up paying.
The Fair made me realize how many different types of expenses there are.
Pay off creditors and build a good credit score.
How to budget.
Get a roommate!
I should pay cash and not depend upon credit all the time.
Pay myself first – open a savings account.
Avoid lots of debt.
Buy what you need until your debts are paid off. The Fair helped me learn about money management.

93% of students said the Fair experience will change the way they save and spend money.

99% of students said it is important or very important to save money on a regular basis. With current US savings trends below 3% of population saving this reflects a significant impact the Financial Reality Fair is having on the way students view handling money.

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